Manual input of programming guide

I’m planning to get the Metro box when it comes out and planning to ship it/use

it overseas to stream remote TV channels to my US home location.

Since it’s very unlikely (and impractical) for Tablo to support programming guides
for many different countries, it would be nice to be able to manually enter a programming guide (or subset of it).
I realize the short comings of such approach but since we are interested only in couple channels, it will
be a decent work-around.


PS: and I strongly second all those requesting an alternate pairing method that is based on some form of user/passwd authentication.

@lk96 - Where are you planning to place the Tablo? 

Unless it’s in South Korea, it unfortunately won’t work. Most European countries don’t have the same broadcast standard as we do in North America so the Tablo will be unable to pick this content up, with or without a guide.

thanks for the clarification. May be I misread some posts. I thought that it also supports

non-NA broadcasting standard. 

BTW, are there any plans for that?

@lk96 - We only currently support customers in Canada and the US right now. Tablo would get very confused anywhere else.

Supporting non-North American broadcast standards would require all new guts so that won’t be happening in the short term. However, once we conquer North America there is definitely lots of opportunity in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia for this type of device.