Making sure WiFi is disabled on 4th gen Tablo


I want to try and make sure that WiFi is disabled for the Tablo 4th gen (2-tuner).

Due to where the antenna comes down from the attic, the Tablo is in my home office, and within a couple of feet of my work DECT headset, and in the same room as my WiFi access point. I want to eliminate the Tablo as a cause for interference on the DECT headset by making sure it’s not even attempting to use WiFi.

I set up the Tablo with ethernet right out of the box … but that doesn’t mean that it’s not broadcasting (or trying to connect to) WiFi. Is there any way to tell? I can’t see any settings in the cellphone app that detail this.


When the Tablo is connected via Ethernet, the Wi-Fi will not be in use.