Make Web App Be Local Compatible For Desktop/Laptop If No Internet at least?

I understand this works for Roku but kinda’ unusual that even desktop/laptop access needs to have internet to access Tablo or am I missing something? Thanks…

So, if I understand this right, all viewing requires internet access to function?? That kinda stinks for those of use who don’t have super reliable internet… that’s actually one of the reasons I want an OTA DVR solution…

So I inspected the connections made when using and indeed it looks like the entire front end is on tablo’s site, Only when direct access to tv show pictures and of course the stream does it connect locally. There might be a good reason for it, it would make it easier to be multi browser compatible. Agreed it kind of stinks though.

Do you think the plex plugin requires net access? Since you can access plex locally from a browser maybe you could skip the internet that way.

Yes, that’s a good idea. I brought my Tablo on vacation to see some shows I had recorded, but the wifi at the resort needs a userid and password to connect.
Clearly I could connect to the Tablo’s wifi if the web app would handle the front end.