Make Tablo like the new AirTV DVR and Integrate the Guide with others

  1. The AirTV and Sling combo combins BOTH the Cloud based Sling DVR shows with the Localy stored local OTA shows all on one list, you cant tell where it is stored except by know that say your NBC channel is local

  2. Amazon has announce that only on the home screen for the Whats on now row just live TV now for both local and Playstation vue will be on that row. This makes me think more integration is coming as both the APIs are working together as in the announcement they said they would remove duplicate (say if a local is on Playstation and also on local)

I think this is the future (the integration). May take year but it is coming. Tablo needs to partner up and publish their API they already have an let others integration it does not just have to be on provide it could be all like Hulu, Playstation, Fubol, and Philo or even that new guy that is about to announce next mouth English Live TV called Vidgo


Just read an other review where it is confirmed that Playstation Vue, AND the FireTV Recast, AND the FireTV has a 100% integrated traditional guide.
They are also integrating the OnNow row (talked about here before).

Tablo needs to pick someone like Playstation just did an integrate.
Hulu, DirecTV Now, anyone.
AirTV and FireTV Recast alread picked Sling and Playstation hope Playstation did not sign an exclusive deal and they can still integrate with Tablo if Tablo wants them


How about Philo TV?

And if you are not an Amazon Prime member you probably find the Fire TV stick UI so bad you shudder at the thought of integration with Vue.


This is only available to people who own a Fire Edition TV, and to future owners of the Amazon Recast. In order to benefit from this, you must own an Amazon Recast and / or a Fire Edition TV. It is available to a very small fraction of the Fire TV install base. Fire Edition TV owners comprise less than one percent of Fire TV device install base, Once Recast is released (on November 14th), those owners will also be able to benefit from this.

PlayStation Vue also has an arrangement with Apple, to be incorporated optionally into the Apple TV app.


One of issues with some Amazon consumer products is knowing what direction their UI is taking.

Some forums think Amazon is reworking some of it’s UI’s to be more “user” friendly. Are they thinking about consistent look and feel across all products.

Amazon is looking to produce more of it’s own content. Would this new content appear as channels in the grid?

One thing that is probably a given is that they would like to help keep you informed about all the various products that will improve your life. In the long run how might that manifest itself in Recast?


You know what I would appreciate is the possible reverse. Roku has a search feature that shows multiple services that have a show you want. What would be truly awesome is if that would search the Tablo data for shows already recorded and for upcoming episodes that you could set to record. I don’t see this happening unless and outside developer creates the app however.


Since tablo is a very small fish in a huge ocean, it will probably only happen after the various big players develop an actual industry standard that pleases all the big boys.

At that point it might be worth the R&D investment for a small company. But you can always hope.


Reading more about one of the compeditors HDHOMERUN.
Looks like they out sourced their whole Streaming Cable service.

So if Tablo does not want to partner up, there is already a service out there they can can outsource to.
For the HDHOMERUN, Local channels and Cable channels are all the same guide.
HDHOMERUN could do the same thing. I am sure they get a small cut of profiles for everything that signs up.

I think this would be a big win. You would get all those Locals never found on the Streaming packages like METV, PBS, Comet and more . AND the top 30 or so cable channels with the DVR and Gudie all integrated.
HDHOMERUN does not work with Roku so it was a not go for me.


I noticed integrates my Roku TVs OTA tuner into it’s guide fairly well. They might be a prospective partner to attempt this although the question is would Tablo integrate Pluto into their app or vice versa?