Make Tablo like the new AirTV DVR and Integrate the Guide with others (old thread)

You know what I would appreciate is the possible reverse. Roku has a search feature that shows multiple services that have a show you want. What would be truly awesome is if that would search the Tablo data for shows already recorded and for upcoming episodes that you could set to record. I don’t see this happening unless and outside developer creates the app however.

Since tablo is a very small fish in a huge ocean, it will probably only happen after the various big players develop an actual industry standard that pleases all the big boys.

At that point it might be worth the R&D investment for a small company. But you can always hope.

Reading more about one of the compeditors HDHOMERUN.
Looks like they out sourced their whole Streaming Cable service.

So if Tablo does not want to partner up, there is already a service out there they can can outsource to.
For the HDHOMERUN, Local channels and Cable channels are all the same guide.
HDHOMERUN could do the same thing. I am sure they get a small cut of profiles for everything that signs up.

I think this would be a big win. You would get all those Locals never found on the Streaming packages like METV, PBS, Comet and more . AND the top 30 or so cable channels with the DVR and Gudie all integrated.
HDHOMERUN does not work with Roku so it was a not go for me.

I noticed integrates my Roku TVs OTA tuner into it’s guide fairly well. They might be a prospective partner to attempt this although the question is would Tablo integrate Pluto into their app or vice versa?

You clearly have no clue that airtv player is not airtv dvr. It’s 2 separate products. The player neither has a dvr or hooks to an antenna. The airtv on the other hand has 2 tuners both usable by the dvr, it hooks to a router via WiFi or Ethernet, is viewable on every tv in the house (I myself currently use my airtv on 3 TVs. You should do more reading before you try to educate others and stop being such a know it all.

I clearly have no clue, as I’ve only OWNED one for the past YEAR and NINE MONTHS … and bought the AIRTV2 within a week of it’s official release (over a half year ago).

The AIRTV player does have a (two-channel) DVR function and it does “hook to an antenna”. Your attention is invited to this post, from August of 2018: AIRTV Player has some Great Improvements

For your edification, this is the product for which the above post was written:

And here is the product page and explanatory for the current iteration of the AIRTV 2:

Lastly: You are responding aggressively (and mistakenly) to a post that is nearly two years old. When you figure this all out, follow the links and digest what’s being offered (and what’s been said), you’ll have a better understanding.

I’m not being aggressive I just hate going on forums because there is always that one guy who thinks he knows everything and tries to over run everyone else who has a differing opinion. Your opinion of how I sound is irrelevant.

Secondly, neither the thread title nor the comment you replied to mention airtv player, you did and that was my point.

Lastly, I’m not taking product specs from another thread on this site especially when you started that thread. You said that airtv doesn’t have dvr and it does. Only if you add a hard drive. The player only has that function if there is an airtv present with said hard drive. I have also owned airtv for quite some time and I own the first one not the 2.

If you don’t like my attitude or comment then feel free not to respond.

In general, please do not respond (especially a negative response like yours) to a thread that is 2 years old.

Thank you.


Like the one who blows-off other with comments like -

…not body else matters

Then there’s the “engineer” with expert knowledge concerning obsolete, no longer available, products. --good to know, thanks

Right, you didn’t like his comment - you were free to constructively respond, or for still no charge at all, pass on something that is irrelevant.

Why did you need to respond. I wasn’t speaking to you. You were not a part of the conversation. This is why no one new comes to these communities. The older members have to team up against anyone who doesn’t bow to them. Nevermind, not like there was anything useful here anyway. Have fun bulldoging your “community”.

Yes, you were not speaking to me so just deal with the fact that others have an opinion. I hope you can understand that people may not appreciate the negative attitude you displayed from the start. There is no “bulldogging” going on here, it’s quite the opposite. This “community” you refer to has been an extremely positive place where people come for help and share information. I can’t speak for all of us “older members” but for me, it has been a positive experience to participate.


Just a third part observer here but did you feel the need to revive a 2 year old thread because the information initially posted in it has always been objectively incorrect?

If so, and the product hasn’t changed since that initial information was posted (which can happen, no idea if that’s the case in this scenario, I’m not informed about this particular product), I can support your posting now but your post does feel a bit aggressive. You can correct information without saying “clearly you have no clue” and “stop being a know it all”.

EDIT: Wait, do you have another older account or did you just join this community 13 hours ago?


I have no problem with others having an opinion sir. My point was that his opinion of my attitude was irrelevant to the conversation. Furthermore, I don’t see how anyone could make an accurate opinion of someone else’s attitude through a computer screen. The fact that so many of you have jumped in on me proves my point about how people in these communities behave. I came here because I was genuinely curious about the answer to the original question which never got answered not to start an argument about my perceived attitude. Perhaps, I chose my words poorly but there was no need for all of you to jump in. Please leave me be as I am done with this conversation and this community

I just joined the community because I was curious about the question. Clearly I chose wording poorly. I will not be back.

It seems as though it might have been more than just curiosity about the question, but potentially to correct inaccurate information, if it was indeed inaccurate. Unfortunate you are choosing to leave the community because of that because if you were contributing to the cause by correcting inaccurate information that just helps the community.

Let this be an example for all new posters on how not to act.

  1. Reacted to old thread
  2. Instead of asking a question or giving helpful advice, the poster attacked another poster (basically called him stupid).
  3. When the poster was called out for his actions, he reacted with “the forum is against me so this community must be bad” and then quit. He also complained that other forums treat him badly…wonder why… :roll_eyes:

Thanks to the rest of you for helping out.


The fact” – everyone else is wrong ! :stuck_out_tongue:
An individual’s point – has now been proven :face_with_monocle:
…about everyone else, of course. The fact they point out what everyone else is doing wrong is relevant :smirk: …even though it may just be their own opinion, as others’ are irrelevant :dizzy_face:

Dude seriously? Why keep this going? You already run me off. Just stop talking to me. What a jerk!

Yes let this be an example to new posters. Careful what you say or everyone here will go on attack until you don’t even care to participate in any of the forum anymore

Also this is the first forum I’ve had a problem in, but I have seen this kind of let’s gang up on someone because we don’t like what he said reaction. It’s actually quite typical.