Make it easier to delete recordings

Since there is no setting to limit the number of recordings for a show subscription (such as I only want one Nightly News, not every one forever), please make it easier to delete recordings. Using the webapp to delete one show there are several button clicks. I’d prefer to check or select several at a time and click delete once. 

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It’s been requested many times, but there is no timetable for it to be implemented.

@stolicow - We totally hear you. This feature is implemented on the server side, we just need a bit of time to get it into the UIs. 

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am looking forward to this feature being implemented as well!

@TabloTV - is the Roku app getting up to the rest of the apps or the multiple delete methods at the top of the list?  Either way, I’ll be happy.  At the same time, support for larger hard drives.

@beastman - They’re BOTH at the top of my list for our fans :slight_smile:  We’ll be sitting down soon to hash through the list of priorities with the engineering team though. 

Firstly, let me say that I know these suggestions have been made by others. I just want to keep the requests alive and add myself to the list of those making these requests. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so to speak.

  1. Tablo would be much easier to use if there was an “edit” type feature for our recordings where we could select individual episodes (or select all) and then delete those that had been selected.
  2. Also needed is the ability to set up a recording to keep only the latest x number of episodes.
    Not having either of these features necessitates the arduous weekly chore of having to “clean up” my recordings. The Tablo UI is great in it’s simplicity but there are a few “must have” features that should be added while still maintaining this beautifully clean interface.
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