Magnum P.I. showing up as new episode tonight

I noticed in the Tablo live TV grid that Magnum P.i. has been flagged as a new episode and is set to record tonight. I thought it had gone on summer hiatus and a quick check on titantv confirmed tonight’s episode is a rerun.

Anyone else seeing this on their Tablo? I’m thinking a one time glitch

Bad guide data. Mine is showing it too.


Things could be worse.

Yesterday I had one scheduled recording for the third round of the U.S. Open from 9AM to 7PM on Fox. Today I not only had the the original, I had one for 9AM to 5PM on Fox. And they both show as recording.


Yes, Mine also… was going to watch it today.


The episode showed up in my recordings this morning. I may end up watching it even tho it’s a rerun.

It’s not just Tablo. Every guide provider had it wrong, for two episodes.

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