Loud noise when coming in or out of commercials

I have been having a problem with a loud noise that sounds similar to a game show buzzer that seems to come on whenever the Tablo show is switching to or from a commercial. This started about 4 to 6 weeks ago and is extremely annoying. I am using 2 wireless Roku 3’s and both have the same issue.

Known issue with the Roku player. Search the forums for an in-depth technical explanation. They are working on a fix with Roku.

Ya. That’s the story I got from support. 2 months ago. One problem with this. It started after a Tablo update. It could be a blessing though. With a little work I bet the noise could be used mark and remove the commercials.

Tomorrow is April 1 and still not fixed

@dmgray55 To confirm, this isn an issue with the Roku video player over-compensating for the brief silence during stream changes observed in commercial breaks. While we’ve alerted Roku of this behaviour, there isn’t much the Tablo can do - since it takes place in the Roku’s system video player.