Loud beep during commercial transitions with older Rokus - Has this been fixed?

I have two Roku 1s hooked up to older TVs in my house that are not used very frequently. When playing either recordings or live TV from Tablo, both occasionally produce a loud BEEP during transitions from one commercial to the next or from a program to a commercial break. I brought it up a little over a year ago with tech support and was told that it was a known issue with certain Rokus involving how they process audio. Does anyone know whether newer models/Roku TVs are also affected? I’m looking to put a TV in my guest bedroom and my mother and father-in-law both like to sleep with the TV on and would most likely be woken up by the frequent loud beeps.
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I have had the Roku 3, Roku Premiere +, and the new Roku Express, and none of them experience that issue.

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I can tell you the Roku 1 is going to have problems with high bitrate content. What setting are you using for your recordings? I use the recommended settings and don’t have any issues.

It is indeed still an issue with older ROKU models. Unfortunately due to the age of the affected models (Roku 1, Roku 2), it’s unlikely that ROKU will invest any time/effort into fixing the source of the issue.

The newer ROKU devices don’t exhibit this issue.