Lost Tablo because of new mesh router system

I installed a wireless Netgear Orbi AC3000 mesh router system yesterday and it is not recognizing Tablo. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading a new version. I’ve disconnected the power to the router and waiting 10-15 seconds. I’ve disconnected the power to the Tablo and i’ve pressed the blue reset button but I am not getting internet access. I tried the “Connect via WiFI” on the app but it never gets to the point of letting me enter the networks password. Any body know to get Tablo to work with the new mesh routers?

I think the issue is your Tablo remembers your old wireless router SSID and password.
I bet your new wireless router setup has a different SSID, right?

This guide should help:

I had a horrible time with the netgear orbi. A really bad time. Reboots all the time and dropped internet connections.

There was a bug report about the reboots a few months ago. Not knocking netgear, just saying for me, the linksys velop has a solid performer.

I’ve heard good things about the Velop routers but they are so expensive. We went the Google WiFi route and have been very happy.

You could be right. I don’t know what the old settings were. Right now the Tablo is blinking. I sent an email to Tablo support. I’ll have to wait until tommorow.

I just installed the Orbi system last weekend. Shutdown my old routers that were bridged, brought Orbi online and changed the default settings to my existing SSID/password and all my devices including the Tablo connected fine. Can’t speak to long-term reliability yet but everything seems good so far (knock on wood).