Lost my Tablo connection on my Chromebook

After not watching Tablo for about a month I opened it up on my Chromebook and it wouldn’t connect. I went to my PC and it opened there OK. On my Chromebook I go to my.tablotv.com/#/primetime and click connect but it churns for a few seconds and nothing happens.

My Tablo is hard wired to the router, PC and my Roku 3 where I watch it. My Chromebook is WiFi but in the past I’ve been able to get to Tablo through my Chromebook without issue. Has something changed?


Are you using Chrome revision 50 ? If so, it won’t work. There is a thread running around here somewhere that Tablo states there is some issue. If i find it I will link it back here. I am in same boat. Firefox works like a champ as of now…

edit: here is that link:

He won’t be able to go to that link unless he’s part of the beta program.

That explains it. On my PC I’m on Chrome 49, on my Chromebook I’m on the beta version 50 of Chrome OS.

I assume there’re plans to fix that? Looking for shows on my Chromebook is much easier than using Roku.

Thanks for the reply.

@thusband We are working on fixing this! For the time being, the work around is to use the regular version of Chrome instead of Beta. We intend to have this fixed and working correctly before the Chrome Ver. 50 public release.