Lost channels through Tablo

I am new to cord cutting and OTA. Purchased an antenna and just like that, 45 channels. Heard about Tablo and purchased a Dual Lite which is connected to the router via Ethernet. With everything hooked up I now only get 27 channels. What could have caused the other 18 channels to drop?

What antenna did you mount and where. Also, do a search on this site for antenna and spend some time learning from the many people that contribute their knowledge.

Channel Master Omni 50+ Mounted on the bracket that used to hold the DirectTV dish.

That is a grreat use for a Dish bracket. Hope they don’t turn you in to those in control.

All they wanted back was the inside electronics. The dish and the bracket stayed.

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Well that is good for you, being a skycop :grinning: :laughing:

Are you using a splitter to feed the TV and DVR - or is it a direct connection to the antenna?

There is a small amount of loss inside all Tablo DVRs due to the internal splitter (it is amplified), but from my setup, there is very little difference in the TV reception (7 different TVs) and the Tablo DVRs.

Do you have a device that shows the signal strength of the channels? (Some TVs have it - and there is a $40 box that shows incoming signal (digital TV converter)).

Also, if you plug the antenna back into the TV, does it still pickup all the channels?

Just asking, when you did your channel scan; you did select what channels you wanted included with your guide, correct?

Channel Master Omni 50+ seems like it would be an amplified antenna (I don’t have it, did not look it up, either). So the antenna may be overpowering/underpowering certain channels or those channel frequencies might not be the best signal quality before your antenna amplifies it down the coax cable. A television might be able to overcome those imperfections due to it having 1 tuner, the tablo will split that frequency into 2-4 tuners. (like @ronintexas wrote about).

The DirecTV mount may not point in the same direction as the broadcast towers. The DirecTV signal doesn’t necessarily come from the same direction & orientation as the TV signals. Nor is the placement of the satellite dish bracket on the house necessarily optimum for TV signal reception. My satellite dish and TV antenna were on opposite ends of the roof after I had done a signal strength\direction scan. There are several sites that can tell you the direction the antenna should be facing based on your address.

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