Loss of wired network -- Any definitive cause found yet? -- Fix yet?

A number of us have posted about this, I have. I am a 30+ year computer tech and have problems, so I am more then a little sure we have gremlins at work in our tablo’s at times. My troubleshooting has only shown low signal quality at times, which I suppose could stymie the hardware/firmware at times, but I would also think there should be built-in polling of the network status on a regular bases, with built-in resets when scheduling is free as is necessary. Obviously, this isn’t how tablo has been setup, so aside from just doing a reboot once in a while, I haven’t found any real “remedy” to this. Also, I am one a laptop cooler fan which really didn’t seem to help over the past year or so it’s been on it. I have a very strong network setup as we have over a dozen devices using it 24/7 – Which always work fine. The single repeating problem network/internet-wise is the tablo, which is almost daily or at minimum a couple times a week.

How about it Tablo engineers, any permanent fix for this yet?


What firmware version is on your Tablo?

I had a reboot in the middle of recordings last night. It has happened 3 or more time since the latest firmware. Never had an issue before with 1 year of you under my belt.

I have the latest firmware installed. This network thing has been an issue from the get go, so I don’t think the firmware version really has much to do with it. I’ve set IP binding to the router and when tablo is off the network, I cannot see it at all on my router. So, it’s a case of tablo’s network adapter locking up, which is beyond control from my side of the fence. Tablo really should isolate this issue and fix it on all the tablo’s. Might be a case of replacing the system board though, so I suppose that will never happen. The other thing would be to have the tablo firmware be aware of the network status and do resets if necessary when Tablo is otherwise idle.

You shouldn’t have to do a reboot until your schedule is clear. I just look at the HD light when I know I need to reboot. It it’s flashing I wait until it is solid for awhile. I also make sure I’m a few minutes away from the top or bottom of the hour, just to be safe.

I didn’t reboot it, the box either reset itself or rebooted on its own. I maybe have intentionally rebooted my box 1 time in a year unless I did it for tablo.

I have 2 tablos and they go many months without the need for human forced reboot.

But I did notice 5 days ago during a huge heat wave when no one could sleep that the blue flashing reboot LED was occurring. But on only one of the two tablos. It happened at exactly 2 AM. So I can only assume that it was scheduled.

What might be nice is if the setting page actually indicated the time and date of the last reboot.

They updated the Ethernet port driver in the most recent firmware that’s why I asked.

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I see. I use Tablo Ripper to gather up all my content from Tablo. I also have it delete ripped content automatically, so the most I will have on my HD is maybe half-dozen recordings at any time. So, if Tablo engineers would like to try something, I am OK with giving them access. I suppose I could file a ticket, but since I have not lost my recording ability, just ripping current content at times, it’s not such a big deal. You did answer my question though, I was wondering if Tablo was trying to get the networking better or fixed completely.

I am having the same problem.

Two scheduled operations occur every night:

  1. Database maintenance.
  2. Guide data download.

I don’t believe the guide data download triggers the LED to flash, but the database maintenance might.

I’m up all the time between 2am and 3am. Guide data update does not initiate a reboot. And database maintenance would not require a reboot unless something associated with stability and/or reliability was discovered that required rebuilding the schema.

If tablo development decided to implement some form of auto-reboot just to keep the server software fat, dumb, and happy, these scenarios need to be documented. If the tablo server is in PDT and you travel to the east coast and use remote connect 2am-3am PDT is 5AM-6AM. If the server is in EDT and travel to PDT 2AM-3AM EDT is 11PM-12PM PDT.

@Radojevic The database maintenance around this time does cause the LED to flash - roughly twice per second.

@marjamar If you’re still having connectivity issues, give our support team a shout. We can check out your Tablo from our end.