Losing Remote Connectivity

So the problem I face sometimes with this is actually not a lock up.

What happens is when I am out and about using the mobile app sometimes it will hang or stutter (especially when viewing the guide) and it will lose connection to the tablo. When that happens the mobile app will automatically DELETE the tablo from the app so until you are back on your home network there is no way to re-establish a connection.

Please either fix this so that tablos are NEVER automatically deleted or make it a login/password type deal (where you could essentially allow others to use your device).

The later is preferred as it adds more functionality.

Yup, sorry to admit I’ve had my first encounter with a locked up unit. The wife, who’s not really as adventurous as I am, has been waiting for things to go south in the cord cutting move. Yesterday morning, she informed me that the Tablo wasn’t working. Sure enough, it was siting there seized up for some reason.
Couldn’t connect from either wired Fire TVs. Unfortunately I had turned off the blue LED strobe light while it was in the bedroom, so that was no help in determining what may be going on/off. Couldn’t get it to respond by the switch in the back either. That’s when I noticed it was also hot (and I mean hot) to the touch. So finally, I unplugged it. Waited a minute, then plugged it back in. NOTHING. Muttered some obscenities, then went back to watching PlayStation Vue for a while. Later, tried the Tablo and BINGO…WORKING. just like nothing ever happened, although I think some of the scheduled recordings from the previous day were deleted or may never have happened. Anyway, things have been ok for 24 hours.

This isn’t a rant. Just an explanation for the Customer Service guys that frequent the Forum.

So I will repeat my other postings on this topic (losing remote connectivity) again! I will absolutely never recommend a Tablo to any friend, relative or acquaintance until such time as a user ID and password are implemented for remote access. I am a big Tablo fanboy, but the current situation is untenable and I just won’t put anyone else in this position. Every time I go to use the remote access, it seems to break. I pair the device (again), it might work once, and then it breaks again. Absolutely unacceptable!

I understand this sounds harsh, but I spend most of the year in Minneapolis and three months a year in Florida. I leave my Tablo in Minnesota, so how long do you think the remote access will work once I move to Florida for the winter? I am betting less than a week, if at all. So my Tablo will be useless to me for three months, unless I want to knock down my Tablo setup and move all of the pieces to Florida (and I am considering this option). I appreciate that this a first world problem, but, the problem has been identified for the 18 months that I have been a Tablo owner and the solution is relatively straight-forward. So Tablo, just fix it already!


Nope. You are right on. I love Tablo but I feel the same way.

I updated the thread to better represent the actual problem.