Looping replay on live

Three times in two days this has happened to me. I have a 4 tuner model and I will change channels (Roku, iPad, Laptop, doesn’t matter). Later I will go back to the first channel and it will loop to some unknown time, run about 5 seconds and stop. Tuning to that same channel from the same, or another device will repeat the exact same loop.

The first two times I reset the Tablo. The last time I tuned in all the other tuners to other channels so it stopped tracking and it came back.

@sdempsay When you say that it will ‘run for about 5 seconds and stop’ does the playback ever resume?

What kind of hard drive are you using? Feel free to include to make, model, size and how it’s powered (USB or externally).

Playback will not resume. I left my iPad on it for 20 minutes and the waiting circle just spun. Any other device would pick up the same 5 seconds or so and then do the same thing.

The hard drive is a Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB (1D6APB-500) powered by USB.

@sdempsay If this happens again, can you send me a ticket directly with your MAC included?

I do wonder if it is the hard drive.  The Seagate Backup Plus line that is USB powered works great.  I am not so sure about the Seagate Expansion line.

I had not had any issues with it until last week. I didn’t watch much this week (weekends is really where I use it) so we will see how things go with football tomorrow.