Lockups on 4-tuner Tablo

I’ve had a 4-tuner Tablo since early January, and, at first, had numerous lockups and freezes that could only be resolved by removing power. (The reset button appears to have no effect; I am running the 2.2.8 firmware.) I’ve tried standing the unit on end, which did help some and then tried putting the unit on a laptop cooling unit. This seemed to really help, as I went about 3 weeks without a lockup.

We went on vacation last weekend, and the unit locked up on the first day we were away. When I got back, the network was running fine, and the Tablo was the only device in the house that locked up. I connect all devices except tablet and phone directly to the router. The Tablo connects via 500 mbs powerline units. These units were functioning.

When we got home yesterday, the reset button had no effect on the Tablo, so I pulled power. The Tablo reset and was accessible again. I manually updated the guide (through the Android Tablo app) and things seemed OK, unit last night, when the unit again locked up. This morning, I checked the temp of the unit, and it was very cool – about 81 degrees. The unit is again back on line, but I am concerned that this will become a near-daily occurrence.

Has anyone found a clear reason for these lockups? I am beginning to suspect that heat alone is not the cause. Is anyone in the beta group having better results with the upcoming 2.2.9 firmware? Is it time to put in a service ticket, even though the reset button seemingly won’t do anything, including putting the unit into “phone home” mode?

Many thanks to all on this forum. You’ve been a great help to this newbie.

UPDATE: It appeared to lockup again last night at about 12:20am. Lost all communication with the unit on the LAN and could not even access through the internal web page. I did not pull the power, and figured that I would work on it in the morning.

This morning, Tablo Central said that my unit “phoned home” at about 4 am this morning, and by 6 am, it was running again, without a manual reset.

Not quite sure what is going on. I did cancel a bunch of scheduled recordings yesterday, and removed a handful of saved recordings. Was the unit doing an extended defrag and garbage collection process?

I also noted that the Android app will still show SOME scheduled recordings that have been removed from the schedule. Not a big problem, as they are not being recorded. Clicking on the REC button doesn’t offer the “remove this from schedule” option on these “remainers”.

Any ideas?

Interestingly, I had this identical problem recently. I couldn’t connect to Tablo remotely while on vacation. I could connect to other devices remotely while on vacation. When I came back, I found the Tablo unresponsive - I too couldn’t use the reset button, I had to remove the power cable in order to wake up the Tablo. I filed a ticket last night about it. I also have 4 tuner unit and noticed that it was very hot when I went to pick it up to remove power cable. I’ve had the unit since November and this is first time I’ve had to power cycle it.

Interestingly, it seems it kept recording even though no devices could watch the recordings. I had it set to record the nightly news and it seems to have recorded every day. Not sure if everything scheduled was recorded. It didn’t have a DHCP lease on my router either.

@jimzix Definitely send this to our support team. We should able to log in and check things out.

Do you have DHCP Reservation for your Tablo in the router? I’ve found a problem with manual recordings saying they were recorded on a different channel. It might be solved in the beta being pushed this afternoon. Normally I don’t do manual, but no guide data for the channel yet