Loading vs. Loading Please Wait

Yesterday I hooked up a brand new roku 2 (didn’t need the fancy remote with the 3). That said I can noticeably tell a difference in the speed in which the tablo app responds - changing screens, scrolling in the guide etc.).

What I did notice that I don’t think happens on my TCL Roku TV (which is actually slower than the Roku 2) is that say for example I’m going to watch live tv…i select a channel and then the screen goes black with a “Loading” and a spinning circle in the middle. Once that is done I get the LPW with the progress bar that flashes for about a second before the program plays.

This happens with live tv, changing live tv channels, or watching a recording.

What’s the difference?

Tablo is running 2.2.8, wired to the router
Roku is up to date, running the latest tablo app, is wireless on a 5GHz N router that the tablo is on.

“Loading” is a message that the Tablo generates while it is buffering a channel for live tv (though it might be there quickly for a recording).

“Loading please wait” is a Roku generated message that can appear on any app where the Roku is waiting for some data…

Interesting - I didn’t think the “loading” message appeared on my Roku TV but maybe I just don’t remember. I’ll have to check tonight.

Thanks for the explanation!