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I’m having issues with my tablo in both live and replay mode. I have a Motorola surfboard sbg6580. Though I started by trying to contact them, I don’t really have problems with anything but my tablo. My play back device is a roku stick. If I reboot my router, then my problem goes away for a bit. Questions:

  1. am I correct that it doesn’t matter how fast my internet speed is from my isp?
  2. the router is 3rd party (so I don’t have to pay the rental fee from my isp), but I don’t have problems streaming Netflix, etc. am I correct that Netflix would have the same problem if the issue was the router? (I use the term router loosely)
  3. can somebody help me?

What router do you have? Tablo support won’t be back until Jan 3.

I don’t have a router per se. I have a wifi modem. Sbg6580 motorola surfboard. I always call it the router, but technically, it’s not a router. (I apologize for my typing skills). Doing this from my phone.

i have the same problem. I have amazon fire TV. I have the verse modem, however all the tablo traffic goes through the same switch. So i don’t think the modem is the problem. Everything else streams ok.

this modem has issues reported: drops Wi-Fi if IP flood detection enabled. You might try disabling that option http://arris.force.com/consumers/articles/General_FAQs/SBG6580-IP-Flood-Detection-Setup/?l=en_US&fs=RelatedArticle

Are you wired or wireless? If wireless you might get a Router and disable wireless on what you have now. It is only Wireless N and a wireless AC is faster. I always recommend getting separate cable modem and router for this very reason. The cable modem side of it is good.

My moneys on the Roku Stick. I have the same model Router just the Arris version. I did have to relocate the modem for a stronger WIFI but the Tablo is hard wired to the modem and I use a Roku TV. Try positioning the modem to a different location pay attention to walls or any other metal objects between the 2.

UPDATE: I have started having this issue in the last week or two as well. I’ve been using my tablo for about 6 months now and have never experienced any loading issues whatsoever. Nothing has changed with my configuration, but I am starting to get loading pauses most times when I attempt to watch a recorded program. If I reboot the tablo, the issue will go away for a day or so, but will come back. I also have no issues on any other streaming services (PS Vue, Sling, Netflix, Amazon Video). This feels like an issue between the Tablo and the external drive to me.

UPDATE: I found this to be interference with a soundbar. Strange experience, but as soon as I removed the soundbar, everything worked completely fine.

Is the hard disk getting full? Another reason for the keep last _____ episodes that has been requested.

I’m using a similar Motorola surfboard router. My download speed is only 3.50 Mbps. No problems.

My ip flood detection was already disabled, I moved my tablo to a different room the other day to try and fix the issue, now I have line of sight with the modem, with no walls in between.
It feels like the tablo doesn’t like my wifi switch or possibly the roku, but if I reboot my modem, I typically don’t have a problem for a few hours, so I lean toward it not liking the switch. It’s not urgent, it’s just annoying and I had a few seconds to rub together to talk to tech support or this forum.

Same issue here: “Loading, please wait…” “Loading, please wait…” “Loading, please wait…” “Loading, please wait…” “Loading, please wait…” “Loading, please wait…” I am SO SICK of this crap! Everything plays fine on my Roku and the ONLY thing we have an issue with on our system is Tablo to Roku stick. Very, VERY frustrating!!!

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OK, you have had your Tablo for ~13mths and this is the first problem you have reported since Dec of 2015. I don’t understand if you are so sick of this why you have not contacted support before this point of frustration. Unlike all the things that you stream with the Roku over the WAN, the Tablo uses the LAN to get the media to your clients. I had this problem about 12 mths ago and for me the solution was improving the coverage of my LAN network in the house. To do this I bought two airports and set them up as extended network units. This made my LAN coverage much better and I have had no Loading, please waits since doing this. But, if you file a ticket with support they can check your unit out and give you some help.


I talked to Sam in tech support. He made a couple of suggestions.

  1. turn the recording quality down from 720p -5 Mbps to 720p - 3 Mbps.
  2. disable the fast live tv startup.

I didn’t have any problems after I did this last night, but sometimes I can go a night with out the loading errors. I’ll report back after it’s been running for a while.

So how the heck do I do those two things. I can’t seem to locate those options. I’m willing to try anything at this point as this constant “loading” is totally ruining any reason to have this device

Go to my.tablotv.com in the Chrome browser on a computer, then go to Settings

yeah, this didn’t work. I’m getting frustrated. I thought maybe my router need to be closer, so I had WOW come out and move my cable to a different jack. didn’t help, I’ve connected the router to the tablo via ethernet cable. didn’t work. I don’t have problems with netflix, amazon prime or any other carrier. Just Tablo. I need help.

Thank you for the update. A few weeks after replacing my TV and adding a soundbar, I began having the buffering issues. I disconnected the soundbars digital optical cable and the buffering stopped. After a few minutes without any issues I reconnected the soundbar and have not had any issues for several days.