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During the playback of recordings I am getting a lot of “Loading, please wait” interruptions.  How do I diagnose what is causing this issue?  I am using Roku 2’s to stream my Tablo.

I had that trouble when my recording quality was set to 1080. Try 720 or 720/Roku (won’t affect current recordings). Or it could be interference on your connection if using wireless.

Does that effect the video quality?

1080p is a higher bitrate and is likely causing buffering problems due to the limitations of WiFi speeds.

1. Is your Tablo wired to your router?
2. Which Roku 2 model? 2720?
3. Is your wireless network 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz?

But yes, try the 720p Roku / Chromecast setting, it records at 720p at a lower bitrate. Mix fix your problem. And yes, it is a lower video quality but not really noticeable.

Theuser86, yes my Tablo is wired to my Netgear n router. My Roku 2 is a 2720X. Since my Netgear is an 802.11 n it is 2.4ghz.

I am considering going to purchase an 802.11 ac. Any thoughts.

The Roku 2 does not have AC WiFi so I don’t think that will help.

Did you try the 720p Roku setting like we both have suggested?

Ok great thank you. I have set it to 720 Roku. And my first recording should be done in a couple of hours. I will post how that went.

Thank you all very much.  Changing to 720 Roku seems to have fixed the issue.  You were correct that you do not notice the difference in the quality of the video.  Again thank you all for your help.

Glad you got things sorted out @javajeff972.

And thanks to @theuser86 for being so helpful :) 

Not a problem.


The Roku 2720 has dual-band wireless so you could buy a dual-band router and try the Wireless N at 5 GHz. May give you a faster WiFi throughput. I had to do this for the Amazon Fire TV Stick as the WiFi antenna in it was pretty useless on the 2.4 GHz band.

An AC router may be a good investment too to future proof yourself, they are generally great routers and also have a Wireless N 5 GHz band so you can use it in the meantime with your Roku 2720.

Roku 4 is expect out this year sometime, I expect that will be Wireless AC.

@theuser86.  Thank you for that update.  I am going to have to look into the Roku 4.  The reason I had to go to the Roku 2 is because I have speakers installed through out my house.  

Now I do not know a whole lot about audio stuff, but I am told that those of us who have that setup have two zones.  Zone 1 is for the home theater speakers and zone 2 is for the rest of the speakers in the house.

The Roku 2 was the only unit that has both HDMI for zone 1 and RCA for zone 2.  I am guessing that there are not enough of us crazy people who require devices to support two zones.

Ok, so I have been an official 4 tuner tablo owner for about 2 months. The whole purpose was to ditch satellite however, I must have a solid system or the wife won’t go for the new deal. Problem, since day one I was experiencing issues so I decided tablo wasn’t the problem and started to rebuild the entire network. This includes a new high speed wireless router, new fios 100/100, new roku 3 and 4. No luck - I am getting the same “loading please wait” issue. What is strange is that my Galaxy 6 Edge works fine with both Tmobile or wifi. I really need a solution or this tablo MUST go back. Sorry for the long message but any advice would be appreciated.

Despite those that will try to say otherwise - it’s the Roku. Get a Nexus player or nVidia Shield (preferred) your problems will be behind you, and you can sell all the new network junk you purchased. We all love the Roku, but for reasons that nobody can explain thoroughly (too many variables) they simply don’t work well with the Tablo compared to other options. People also like the Amazon Fire streamer - if you’re into Amazon Prime content, it would be a good choice. Stay away from the ‘stick’ devices.

I have lived your experience. I’ll bet you the cost of a Shield that it will solve your problems immediately.

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Thanks Adam, for the sake of dollars I will first try the Nexus player. Hope this solves the issue and if that works I will get the Shield for the main tv. I will report back…