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I just bought a tablo and I have recorded both championship games today and trying to watch on a roku 3. When I use the skip back button on the NFC game it turns on closed captioning. When I try to watch the AFC game it plays 10 seconds and then loads for 60 seconds. Really annoying. I’m using wifi and a western digital elements his powered drive 2TB

I also cannot get the recordinsmto show up on my iPhone app

I will probably return the tablo over this issue. If I can’t record two nfl games without issues it is useless to me

What recording quality is the Tablo set at? If you’re using wireless and it’s 1080p that’s probably why - poor WiFi speeds.

Is your Tablo hard wired at least?

What is the make and model of the router you have? Wireless speeds vary greatly amongst routers, and then of course distance from said router.

Also depending on the channel, even a wall or two can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Wi-Fi is for convenience, not reliability. 

I can say this, I live it over 40 hours a week and then deal with it at home, too - Wi-Fi is assumed to be reliable and solid and it’s not really unless the AP or router is in the same room as the endpoint.

It’s an AirPort Extreme. I cannot hard wire the tablo into the router due to antenna placement. I do have it set up at 1080p. However, this still shouldn’t be a problem. Lots of video streams just fine in HD from Netflix for example to my roku over wifi. The wifi in my house is fine and that’s not then issue.

If this can’t do 1080p it shouldn’t be an option.

Ok don’t believe it’s the WiFi throughput.

Netflix 1080p is 5-6 Mbps. Tablo 1080p is upwards of 10 Mbps.

You still haven’t told us what device you’re using for playback.

Change the recording quality to 720p Roku / Chromecast and try it again.

It can do 1080p no problem. I originally had the Roku 3 using the wireless and it would buffer on the 1080p. Hard wired it and the problem went away. Went to 720p and wireless works again. I have a low end consumer router hence my wireless problems.

I’m using roku 3. I changed to the roku recording quality in the tablo app. I will see how that changes things. I will also hard wire the roku into my router since they are next to each other and see what happens.

The change in recording quality is only going forward for recordings and immediately for live TV. Old recordings are still at 1080p.

I would highly recommend hard wiring your Tablo if you can. Even power line adapters would be a great choice if you can’t run coaxial cable to near your router.

The bottleneck can be wireless between the Tablo and router or router and Roku. Or involve both if the Tablo and Roku are both wireless. There’s a decreased bandwidth when having to use the wireless both ways.

Just a FYI - this is the bandwidth in use when streaming at 720p Roku / Chromecast. The peaks are 8-9 Mbps, so imagine what the bitrate is for 1080p. At distances of 20 metres from the router, a lot of wireless N 2.4 GHz wireless networks have only throughput speeds from 5-15 Mbps (even if a connection is reported as 150 Mbps)

What is the exact model number of the AirPort Extreme you have?


@jaybazole Have you seen any improvements since switching to the Chromecast/Roku quality?