Loading please wait Roku 2 XS

All of a sudden I am constantly getting the repeat loading message to the point where it is unusable. I have been using the same roku for the last year with the same Tablo and have not had issues. My Roku 3 still works perfect. The 2 also says it has an excellent wifi connection and I have tried restarting tablo with no luck.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


I just had my first LPW ever.

Roku3, hardwired.

I’m sitting here watching the Packers v. Redskins game when suddenly, Loading Please Wait, comes up. It sat there for about 2 minutes, maybe a bit more maybe a bit less, then resumed playback.

@wolfe814 - I have had sporadic wireless issues in the past (not Tablo issues). One day my wireless would hardly connect, turns out I had to rescan my wifi channel - some kind of interference from one of the neighbors (someone got a new wireless phone?). Then it went away - I was able to return to my original wireless channel the next day. Not saying this is your issue, but something to check.


I’ll give that a shot mbellaire. Thanks.