Loading Please Wait (Recording Playback Issues)

My wife is trying to watch a recording and keeps getting “Loading please wait”.  The Tablo is on WiFi and she’s watching on our Roku 3 (also on WiFi).  We don’t have any issues streaming other content such as Netflix.  It’s gotten to the point where it’s every 30 seconds at times. I would think something previously recorded would play smoother than live TV…

I realize I could hardwire either or both devices, but the Tablo is supposed to have WiFi and so I think it should work.

Any tips to improve this?  

Sounds like poor WiFi speeds. What recording quality are you using. Try 720p Roku / Chromecast quality. It’s a bitrate better for WiFi streaming. Of course this change will only be in effect for new recordings, not previous ones.

As well, hard wire the Tablo at least. You create a lot of latency when you have to WiFi to the Tablo and then WiFi to the Roku - your router most likely only had one wireless radio.