Loading, Please Wait on 2.2.8 MUCH worse

So according to the release notes, 2.2.8 was supposed to help with the “loading, please wait” issue, but for me it has dramatically worsened it. This is true of both live TV and recordings. Tonight has taken it to a whole new level. Live TV is nearly unusable. Is anyone else seeing similar issues on 2.2.8?


I’m experiencing the ‘Loading, Please Wait’ as well which, it doses seem noticeably more frequent with 2.2.8… Actually, experienced it tonight, watching the Clemson/North Carolina game. I had to reset my Tablo and it seems okay now. To me this seems related to the Weak signal bug, based on the behavior of having to reset the Tablo.

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Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had a LPW in the 8 months I’ve had Tablo using a Roku 2 XD. Really, I am not kidding. 2.2.8 didn’t seem to change much. I haven’t noticed any major changes, good or bad. In the beginning I tried using Tablo with Chromecast and it was a bad experience. I did get LPWs with it. That’s when I dusted off the Roku and never looked back. I wish there was something I could suggest to help those having the problems.

Same Here… It is quite slow when using local and remote

I too am experiencing an immense amount of buffering and LPW. I’ve reset my tablo, haven’t changed my networking, have hardwired my Tablo when I bought it 30+ days ago.

No troubles seen before update, and now Tablo not registering errors, not connecting error, cannot find errors, have reset it, etc.

I use iPads/AppleTV, Fire tablets and FireTV Sticks to view and since the 2.2.8 I am having so much buffering, it is unviewable.

Message sent to Support, but does the community have any “fixes”?

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Same here. I’m hardwired into a Gigabit Ethernet network and on my Roku 3, I can count on my Roku crashing at least once per show and the Loading, Please Wait at least once or twice. Last night, while watching football live, it got stuck in several loops where it would play the same thing over and over again.

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Getting stuck in repeating segments (aka looping) is not due to the LPW issue, it is due to OTA signal issues and the Roku player not handling the errors in the video stream properly.

I am seeing my start and end times for OTA Live recording be off by several minutes.

Interesting. For what it’s worth in my neck of the woods, eastern Wisconsin, OTA has been a challenge over the past few days. Yesterday afternoon over 10 channels (3 main and their subs) were showing no signal on all my TVs. And others were blocky at times. This morning it’s much improved. Must be something in the almost summer like December weather we’re having.

For certain difficult channels we have gotten used to starting a recording then pausing or FFing to see the total time of the recording. If it was a 30 minute show but the time progress bar says 12 total minutes we know there were signal problems and delete it. I have a very good antenna and amplifier system but I’m a minimum of 50 miles from the Milwaukee and Green Bay towers with a lot of trees and hills between. Some channels (the ones we like the most) can be hit or miss. But the wife and I have no problems living with it while not paying for cable.

I tried rebooting the Tablo, but there was no improvement. I eventually ended up hooking the antenna directly to my TV (no change in position or location) and the signal was crystal clear all night. There were no recordings going on while I was watching live, so the Tablo shouldn’t have been taxed, and it wasn’t a networking issue because Amazon streaming had no issues at all.

For better or worse, this seems like a device issue. I guess I’ll have to open a support request if it starts acting up again.

@TechnoDad - The best step 1 support for any Tablo issue is to reset your router > Tablo > viewing device in that order leaving a couple of minutes in between for each device to reboot.

Make sure to press & release the Tablo reset button very quickly - don’t hold it as that will do a factory reset.

That will ensure the entire chain is communicating properly.

If things are still dicey there may be other factors at play and we’re always happy to help troubleshoot.

@TabloTV: I had a very stable Tablo experience up until 2.2.6 got released which introduced 1-2 LPWs per night. After 2.2.8 I’m getting about 6-8 and in addition Tablo freezes about 1-2 per night with only Audio going for about 5-10 minutes until things get back to normal. I haven’t made any changes to my network at all, the only variable was Tablo FW 2.2.6 and 2.2.8. I’ve gone through the recommended reboot sequence a few times to no avail. Maybe this is something Tablo should further investigate and provide Hotfix for. (All wired, using only 720-3 quality, client is Roku 3 (v7).

I have the same issues, I have “loading” and the app on my Roku TV crashes a lot. I reinstalled the app, but was able to replicate the issue on other streaming devices. I started to see no signal message. I power cycled a few times to get a signal on the channels, then the voice was off sync, even when watching on my TV. I did another restart and now its working…I got mine on Amazon, and I purchased the lifetime sub. I may reconsider and return the hardware and ask for a refund on my lifetime. I may just build my own box again.

Hey folks - If you’re seeing issues, please touch base with support. We’ll need as much detail as possible in order to understand what’s happening with your systems that isn’t happening with others: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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It did seem to be better yesterday on playback of recordings, although it still popped up with the occasional “Loading, Please Wait” roughly every 20 minutes. I haven’t tried live TV again, so I’ll test again with that tonight before opening a support request. Hopefully a couple of restarts cleared it up.