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I sit here trying to watch the NFL playoffs.  This is so frustrating.  I finally got up and disconnected the OTA antenna from the Tablo and connected it to my TV, problem solved.  Now why did I spend hundreds of $s for the top of the line Tablo?

  1. Are you having problems watching other Live TV channels?
    2. What device are you playing it off? Roku? Apple TV?
    3. Is your Tablo hard wired?
    4. Do recordings playback properly without buffering issues?

    5. You know you can split your OTA antenna signal so one cable goes to your Tablo and the other goes to your HDTV tuner. This way you can watch Live TV directly on the HDTV (video quality is better and channel changing is faster), and of course you can watch your recordings from the Tablo later.


Not sure if you’re still having this issue, but please let us know - either directly or here. We’ll get you up and running.