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When I experience the dreaded LPW issue it is always linked to poor signal quality on the particular channel I am watching. In the 2.2.8 announcement thread I described this behavior and another indicated they see it under different conditions. It may be helpful to the development if we all take the time to describe our setup and network between our viewing device of choice and the tablo.

My network currently consists of 3 netgear powerline devices. A roku 3 connects via direct cable to the powerline in each of 2 rooms and the 3rd powerline connects to the switch in my wireless access point. The tablo 4 tuner also directly connects to the same switch. I currently use an amplified mohu curve HDTV antenna which directly connects to the tablo.

When I get the LPW messages it almost always follows pixelation/blockiness of image and choppy audio. It appears to always be linked to OTA signal drops.

I did suggest a black screen be displayed specifically mentioning the signal quality as an issue instead of repeatedly looping back to replay the same segment of problematic broadcast.

It struck me that the same LPW display could be the WiFi network that some have and LPW is indicating an issue between viewing device and tablo. In which case a different message should be displayed like a black screen saying “connecting to $tabloname…”. Which would be incredibly helpful for us trying to troubleshoot our setups as well as Tablo support people assisting new users.

The deception is a result of signal instability, a major problem with indoor antennas. Initial results can look encouraging in the seeming ability to capture many channels. However in many cases the overall good experience is illusionary due to a marginal signal that is susceptible to minor atmospheric changes ultimately resulting in a good result one day and major pixellation problems the next.

I’ve returned several indoor antennas over the course of this learning experience before biting the bullet and installing an outdoor antenna system. In my case pixellation has ALWAYS been the result of poor reception.

It happens a lot on the WatchESPN channel, making sports watching pretty brutal at times.

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