Loading, Loading - Enough Already!

Ok … this is very strange … when using the Tablo app on my Roku, and only on Live TV, on all channels, about every 15-30 seconds, the screen blacks out, to display the ‘Loading’ progress bar.

My unit is the one that tech support could not get the Ethernet cable hookup to work (with my goofy Linksys EA6350 WiFi router( that is 3 months new) .

Unit works OK on WiFi - but this is the exact reason I really hoped that the Ethernet cable could work correctly.

Is this loading stuff related to a weak WiFi signal? Strange part is both the Tablo and the Roku are less than 10’ from the WiFi router. (just on the other side of a sheetrock wall).

Any ideas?

Can’t understand why an ethernet cable wouldn’t work, those should be plug and play. You don’t have to go thru all the goofy wireless stuff. I’m thinking it’s a defective Tablo, are you still under warranty? If so, I’d return the thing.

Well it is like this - the unit is under warranty - in fact this is my second Tablo unit, a replacement one from Tablo. THe Ethernet setup was easy. The part that does not work is the ‘video player’ portion of the unit. Whenever you go to Live TV or playback a recording, nothing. The other thing was there were no show title cover art in the guide. All these problems go away when using WiFi. (as I am now) - but my whole intention was to have at least the Tablo on Ethernet so as to have a wired (and faster) connection, and any of the player devices would be the only ones on WiFi.

This ‘Loading, Loading’ error shows only on one of my Roku Express units - no loading issues on Mac laptop (web app), iPhone or iPad. Just the on Roku. Strange.

Strange, no problem with my Roku Streamstick et Hisense Smart TV Roku.

I had some loading problems with my very old Linksys router so I changed for a TP-Link Archer C7 dual band (1750 mpbs) and the problems are gone.

Funny thing is - the router I am using is pretty fast on everything and only 3 mos. old.

If I had to guess, a simple software change on the Tablo (or a new setting) that would allow a slightly LONGER buffering setting would Fix all these loading issues. (hint hint) . Let the end user adjust how long is needed to buffer up some video so there would be NO buffering.

Did you try turning OFF the Fast startup option?

Is that the ‘buffering ‘ switch ( more or less buffering)???

Yeah, kind off.

Enable fast live TV startup : This feature will speed up the time it takes for your Tablo to begin playing a live TV channel. If you are experiencing buffering, try disabling this feature. The Tablo will take a few seconds longer to being playing this channel, however this reduces the chances of buffering mid-stream.

Aha … I am testing that now … however, it ‘may’ be showing up on only one of my two Roku’s (Roku Express) - I shall see how that works.

I am so enthralled with the flexibility of the Tablo (freedom to watch anywhere - I was at my dentist office this morning and streamed a recorded show on their WiFi across town) - BIG SMILE to be able to do this! Been wanting this capability for a few years! Glad my TIVO finally died! LOL

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Let us know the results of this test, @dmrome. For anyone reading, this has (so far) been a unique case. The Tablo’s Ethernet port and all of its other components are working without issues.

However, there’s some kind of network path being taken when the unit is on Ethernet that cause the video to fail to load. We’d normally be able to get logs to determine where the failure is, but we haven’t been able to establish a stable connection to the network this Tablo is hosted on.

I think I have the answer … one of my 2 Roku Express units is doing the ‘Loading’ when watching Live TV - even AFTER turning OFF the Fast TV Startup option.

So, I have to guess this is related to this particular Roku - the other Roku Express is NOT having a ‘loading’ issue even when the Fast Startup is ON (checked).

However, I would have to guess that both Roku’s would work with out loading issues if the Tablo was plugged in to the Ethernet port (that would at least make one of the 2 devices on wired and not both on WiFi. Maybe the fix is to buy a Roku Ultra which has an Ethernet port?

It seems that all of the other devices/apps do NOT have this loading problem (MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone) … just this one Roku.

Can you switch the physical location of each Roku unit and see if the problem follows the problematic Roku? Or if it’s just a physical location issue, say wireless Interference from the TV or too far from your router.

Just cause you have a boss router doesn’t mean the wireless antenna in the Roku is good and handles far distances.

I’ve moved it all over the house - different rooms, close to the router, etc. Still does ‘loading’ on any Live TV chnl. - what can you expect from a $29 device? I will probably replace it with their Ultra unit - it is supposed to have their ‘best’ wireless innards.

I dumped my Roku Premiere and went with a Fire TV stick. The Roku would throw purple screen ‘HDCP/HDMI’ errors. Fire TV doesn’t do that at all. Granted, it’s not 4k, but I’ve found very little in 4k and 1080p looks pretty good.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing that … on a random schedule, we too have been getting the HDCP/HDMI errors. Thought it was the HDMI cable not ‘up to speed’.

Looks like I might try a fire stick in the near future.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I have a Roku Premiere+ and don’t get HDCP errors (knock on wood). Just an n =1 that not all Roku units are bad.

Try lowering your video quality setting. I would start all the way down at the 3mb setting and see if that works, if it does, raise it up one level at a time to see what the highest you can get away with.

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Update - I think I have this fixed … I changed the Tablo to the 5Ghz WiFi channel and that seemed to have fixed the loading issue - I was trying to keep the video quality up at HD1080 so we can enjoy full high quality viewing. (that is why I still wish the Ethernet port would work) - but, other than that, at least there is an alternate way to connect the Tablo via WiFi - it’s actually more flexible too … you can move the Tablo around as needed to hookup to your antenna.

Having multiple issues with my Tablo but this did get one of my internet connections to allow Tablo to play.

No problem. And as theuser86 says, I guess not all Roku exhibit this behavior. But I can tell you I had a Roku 3 that did exactly the same thing (just ‘lucky’ I guess). Both cases it was brief, but who wants to get flashed with a purple screen every time you fire it up? Well, there were a few times when I had to restart the Roku (i.e., unplug/plug). It’s a Roku issue I’m sure and they should address it. My bedroom has a Roku TV and it never happens, so it may be a compatibility issue with a TV.