Live TV

I have a setup using the Roku 3 and a big screen tv.

When you are on the Live TV selection, the guide will not update unless you exit out of Tablo.  There should be automatic updates to this screen at least on every half hour.  A much better option would be:  A schedule-type page where you can select the channel to view or record from there. 

Currently once you have clicked on LIVE TV and started watching a show, the schedule page that you chose the show from never updates.  It will stay the same until you exit out of Tablo and re-select “LIVE TV"

For example, when you click on 'LIVE TV” a schedule would appear, either just an hour’s worth of a schedule where you could click on the channel you wish to view, knowing what is going to be broadcast next, or incorporate a full 14 day schedule where you could either watch a current broadcast or actually set something to be recorded anywhere in the schedule.

Along with this request, please incorporate episode information option on any live tv broadcast.

@brcatlover - Thanks for the feedback. The Roku app will be getting a lot of love over the next few months. 

We’ll take a look at that update issue though. 

Stay tuned!