Live tv Viewing Quits after Program

I have the Lite Dual wifi enabled Tablo.
Its connected to a less than 1 year old LG smart tv…
While watching live tv (via tablo) all is well until the end of a program. Before the next program begins (on the same channel), the tablo disconnects then asks to “try again”…
I have to hit the reset button to play the next program. How can this be fixed?
Thx much.

NOTE: I don’t know if this has anything to do with the above problem but, because Tablo does not support closed caption on LG tvs, I have a 2 output splitter from the antenna cable branching to the Tablo and the other direct to the tv tuner connector.
This way if i need cc, i can bypass the tablo.

You’re probably selecting the show you want to watch rather than the channel. In the program guide, go to the far left and select the channel you want. Don’t click on the show. Tablo will tune to that channel and should stay there after the show you’re currently watching ends.

I did pick the channel, alway do…thx

Was there a recording in progress at the same time you were watching live TV?

No, this usually happens around 8 - 9 am.
Haven’t check ed at other times but will do now.

Update: Yep still does it, locks up after the end of the program, will not resume.
This happens on COZI or Newsy channel (whatever it is)…the program schedule is all messed up there.

Will try another channel later.

I think I may have seen this as well, though not recently.
For me, it happened when I was recording a program, then went to Live TV and select the same channel that was also being recorded.
When the recording ended, I got kicked back out to Live TV.
This was an annoyance but not a big deal to me.
I attributed this to just the way the Tablo OS was handling things.

Its a nuisance when you want to see the begining of the next live program.
By the time u finish rebooting, u miss the beginning.

Should i do a more effective reboot…just short of a factory reset? ( Are u reading this Tablo support?).

All this happens while NOT recording anything…just have HHD plugged in.

Update: tried other channels besides COZI on live tv. Seems to be ok, no interruptions between shows.
The issue appears to be w/COZI/NEWSY (whatever). Their program schedule does not match what they are broadcasting. Also the length of show times are not the same as broadcasts…so, I see why Tablo can’t handle this channel.
Hope this helps other users.