Live tv stops "tuner not available" 2.2.18 firmware

I have been using table for a long time (4 tuner version)

with firmwarre 2.2.18 i have the issue that once in a while live tv stops with a warning “i don’t have the exact wording”

“tuner temporary not available”

i press back on my remote and the guide shows when I select the channel again it works fine again.

Could table not try to do what I do manually automatically when this error comes up?

Is there a way to get back to the last firmware, or is there a new firmware coming out soon to fix this issue. Is this a known issue?

This work for me.

From TabloInTheCity24d
This will revert you to the last, previous firmware. (You can actually re-update to the latest firmware at the update nag screen which will then appear whenever you start up Tablo, if you want, and go back and forth multiple times if you like.)

Don’t do this if you are not comfortable working with equipment like Tablo, routers, etc. To roll back to the previous firmware (of course both I and Tablo are NOT responsible if you try this without being advised to do so by them and have an error): press and hold the Tablo’s blue button and IMMEDIATELY unplug the power to the device while still holding the button down; then replug/power the Tablo, still holding the blue button and in a few moments as the flashing blue Tablo blue light turns solid IMMEDIATELY release the blue button.

IMPORTANT: Note that Tablo in the previous bank rollover posting urges not to do this without need and care and talking with them, since if you press the blue button too long before unplugging or after replugging there is a chance you will factory reset the device and lose all your recordings and settings, as you would if you held the blue button down for 5 or more seconds to do a deliberate factory reset. If, on the other hand, you accidentally release the button before you unplug the device you may just reboot the Tablo without changing anything (like a deliberate short press to cause rebooting), or if you release the button a moment too soon (while the blue light is still flashing after the Tablo is repowered) you may not change anything. In the latter two cases you can just try the procedure again.

I don’t know what the effect would be if you did this while recording or otherwise accessing the Tablo, but you would certainly lose the recording and/or signal and maybe damage your recording database; I made sure I wasn’t otherwise using the Tablo when I did this.

@linbox Does this happen on all channels, or just a few specific ones?

Don’t hesitate to send our support team a ticket with the details. We should be able to take a look and see what’s causing the frequent errors.

I did