Live TV not working on HTPC, IS working on Editing System Computer

Here is an interesting situation. Yesterday evening Tablo’s Live TV quite working on our HTPC in the living room. Still works fine on my Video Edition Computer in the Home Theater though. I can access all recordings and play them fine on either machine. Makes no difference if I use Chrome or Firefox. I have not done the upgrade so I am still on 2.2.6. The upgrade is waiting to be installed, but I did not want to install it as everything I use has been working up until now. I have not restarted or reset the Tablo. I have rebooted the HTPC, but made no difference.

I have little doubt that restarting the tablo may fix this, but I find it very interesting that it works one one computer “normally” on the other can’t watch live TV. It tries to work, as it comes up, but it will not populate the guide.

Something just happened and it is working now. Wanted to see if clicking on the channel in Live TV would access the channel even though the guide was not working and background task was still spinning, so opened tablo in a new tab and after the update came up and I dismissed it, went to Live TV and it populated the guide just fine. Very strange. Must be something going on in this HTPC that was stopping the guide from populating for some reason. Perhaps it was being blocked by my antivirus software, or firewall for some reason or another. Time to check for viruses me thinks.

I’ll post this, since I’ve started it and if I find more out I’ll comment back to it.