Live tv no sound


The point of using the 5.1 AC3 Dolby audio was it is the untouched OTA audio so it preserves the best audio quality.

The issue with being able to decode AC3 audio is a licensing issue with many Android devices. All new Apple iPhone or iPad devices natively decode 5.1 Dolby audio.

Playback devices such as the Roku actually don’t decode 5.1 Dolby audio, it is the HDTV that does the decoding of the audio.


You are right with Plex – the server does the transcoding, but based upon the local client’s preferences. So the transcoding can happen on either end, but based upon the local client’s settings.

When dealing with audio, it’s a swift process – especially when we’re talking 5 to 2.

Whether we handle the audio pre-stream on Tablo or on the local device, there are ways to make the audio playback correctly on all devices.

Re: edit – you would think that, but the problem is that the local devices are operating the Tablo local client software. The devices themself do have that ability, but the Tablo software running does not. So while my computer using the Plex interface to watch a movie in Chrome can handle the 5.1 audio, the same computer using Chrome to stream Tablo content cannot – because that’s not built into the Tablo software. Essentially all that is needed is for them to update the software used by local clients so that they hand handle the audio in the same way.


We’re experiencing different performance then, cuz concurrent 6 stream playback isn’t choppy in my environment.

Agree with this.

Currently, questioning my reality. :slight_smile:


That’s likely – but you can also add additional storage (just like we have to do with Tablo) and have the best of both worlds. And let’s be honest, no one is going to buy the 2-tuner 500 gb version of Recast! I agree, the smaller files are preferable, but we need this transcoding issue fixed so we get proper playback everywhere. This isn’t that difficult. They just need to invest a bit more time on it.

Re: performance – I’ve tried it a few times to sort out the issue. It was first an issue which I thought might be due to my old router… switched it out for the Eero mesh routers… still exists. Once I hit the fourth stream, it becomes a problem – not an issue we experience when streaming from Plex, or internet services like Netflix. Like I said, it’s really not a problem for me, we rarely use more than 2 streams at once from Tablo.

Re: 5.1 downmix – Thank you. I’m glad someone understands the frustration at not being able to use features due to a clear oversight by Tablo.

Re: reality – Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. - Tupac

But really, unless you have like 6+ people in your home, are you really going to stream more than 2 things from your Tablo/Recast at once? Considering it’s only OTA programming, and you have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sling/Directvnow for basic cable… premium channels like HBONow or others… maybe even local content on Plex… we have so many places we get content from today and OTA programming is such a small amount of it. Maybe I’m wrong?


I have no issue with them using the 5.1 Dolby.

We’re not talking about playback devices like the Roku – that’s an entirely different animal and not one that has a problem with this feature… not sure why you’re bringing it up?!

The issue we have is with the devices that CANNOT currently hear the audio when recorded in 5.1. That includes the Android devices you mentioned and browser playback on computers. And to that issue – there are solutions. As we’ve been posting here, there are other devices/services which do this perfectly now (Plex being one of them). This is literally the ONLY issue we have – that Tablo cannot.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to understand how this is problematic to you. If it’s a licensing issue – you get a license. But it’s not – there are OS solutions to do exactly this. It just wasn’t made a priority with this release. That’s a problem for most of us who want Tablo to be a complete and functional product.


We do, we watch 3 things at once OFTEN and 4 at once a couple nights a week. We have 4 family members. No performance issues, all play fine 99% of the time.

Bottom line is that different people will use different systems different ways. For me, the Recast doesn’t work, only have one Fire stick, the rest are Roku and Apple devices. Surround works just fine for all the clients we use but even if it didnt, I would take that limitation over the Recast limitations.

Personally I would much rather see Tablo work on OTHER features and improvements, they would take priority over down-converting 5.1.

Again though, not discounting your argument, just pointing out arguments can be made for many different views. I trust Tablo compiles all of these requests and prioritizes them against level of effort and how many of their users need the functionality.

If it turns out I am in the minority and more want the down-converting, I’m ok with that, whatever improves the product to fit more users and ensures they stay in business.


You’re welcome, and while I do understand the frustration, I’m a stereo TV guy. :frowning:

Tupac is dead, which makes me sad, but reality being wrong makes me sadder.


I just ordered a 4-tuner Recast with 1 TB of storage. I know based on my tablo usage I will need more then 150 hours of storage. And based on Brandon_R advice I know I can add additional storage.

I then read the Recast FAQ. Oops. I guess I’ll have to cancel my order.

I use to like to pop the case on my Tivo and replace the drive with one that was much larger. But this is 2019 and adding additional storage should be simple, cheap, and plug-n-play.


That was one of the things I loved about Tivo. How easy it was to pop the case, insert and upgrade. In the case of Recast, it’s a not-yet realized (but soon to come) update, which will allow use of an external HD.


What did the FAQ say about adding an extra / external HDD to the Recast?


It’s not in the FAQ.


I hope Tablo makes your feature request a reality some day so you can get “in home” transcoding for playback on your computer or Android devices. Of course this will use a tuner which then won’t be available for recording purposes. Which I am sure someone will also come to complain about, but they’ll warn people of the limitation beforehand just like they warned people with this 5.1 audio feature.

Until then, you can rip all your TV shows from the Tablo into your Plex Media Server. Plex can transcode the audio for playback on devices that do not support 5.1 audio.