Live TV guide to 14 days

We really prefer selecting what to record from the live TV menu where each channel is listed with just text titles. Problem is that this only goes out 24 hours. Those of us coming from traditional cable and other dvrs are used to this format. My wife wanted me to return the Tablo when she saw that she could not use the TV menu out the 14 days. I fought her and am keeping the initial in the Hope’s that you will fix this. Thanks.

The 14 day live TV guide is currently available on Roku devices and also on the Preview app for Fire TV and Android TV devices. I don’t know about Apple TV since I don’t have that device.

We ran into a similar struggle with the lack of a traditional guide for the upcoming weeks. However, over time, I found that browsing by channel, genre, premiering, etc was a bit more efficient. It does certainly take some getting used to. We typically use a mobile device for looking at upcoming programs and scheduling things.

That being said, the Roku interface does have an option to turn on the 14 day traditional guide, although I’ve found it to be a little sluggish. Maybe my 2017 Roku stick isn’t zippy enough.