Live tv grid not populating

Live TV grid is not populating, rebooted unit, refreshed guide data, tried a different computer. Anybody else having issues with the Live TV Grid not populating ?

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Is this for all channels?

Can you try a tablet or smartphone?

Works for Android smart phone app,
Device = 2.2.24
HTML Application:= 1.6.2 build 889 [201810121242]

Non-working = Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit),

It’s like the channel and program guide info does not finish loading ever to show scroll bars to go up, down, or to the right and information does not populate, just started happening in the past week. Recordings shows scheduled items, only this 1 screen

Delete the Tablo from the Chrome browser, restart browser, then do a new sync.

Good call, issue resolved,
For the benefit of somebody reading in the future, Delete, by logging out, and then delete from that screen. Thanks again for the guidance

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This started happening to me this morning. Dec 23. Both via my PC and Roku. When I hit refresh Guide Data … spins for a few secs but never comes back with “Guide Updated at MM/DD”. Did a reset and still Nada.

Are you clicking on this ‘Refresh’ button?
…cuz that one relates to your subscription, not the actual guide data updating.

The ‘Update Now’ button in the ‘Guide’ settings section will manually update the guide data.
The ‘Guide Status:’ will display it’s progress.
It takes minutes, by the way, and usually 2 passes, so be patient.

Yes I was. Ah ha! another button !!!.. will try … both the Roku and PC were blank … it usually updates on its own.