Live TV freezes

I have a four-tuner Tablo, and my experience so far has been frustrating.  Every single time I try to watch live TV, the picture starts and within five to 10 seconds the picture freezes.  It did this with ethernet or wifi, same thing. I have no trouble with Netflix or YouTube.  I tested my DSL and I get 12mps. I would love to get this fixed asap — obviously live tv is not watchable at this point.

Please give some more details.   What devices is this problem happening on (Roku, iPad, web, etc)?  Are you watching 720p or 1080p?   Is your hard drive recognized by the Tablo?

I also recommend sending a support ticket to Tablo Support.  

@tomkali - @snowcat has the right idea here. Does this happen on all of your devices - or just one?

I’m surprised that switching to Ethernet didn’t help this at all. Did you reboot the Tablo after switching to Ethernet?
Feel free to send me the details in a ticket