Live TV frame rate

The Tablo is great! But what would make it greater is if the Tablo could preserve the frame rate and interlace that is broadcast. It looks like 480i and 1080i are shown on the screen as 29.97fps progressive instead of interlace. 720p shows properly as 59.94 fps. It’s most noticable on live programming where the video has that ‘Youtube’ look.
If there is a way to maintain the interlace of broadcast video, that would make the Tablo near perfect!

It’s digital, so no, it can’t do interlace.

To me, my Tablo is perfect the way it is and does everything I want with perfection! (I can remember when tv was just a lot of white, gray and black dots running around on a crt and the picture was as good as your imagination.)

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Might not be helpful here but I recently set my « auto motion plus » from on to off on my TV ATV input and my Tablo, especially when watching sports, is a lot better
I use to wonder why sports was so much smoother from my tv built in tuner vs my ATV / tuner app, that fixed it for me

Many thanks for the replies. Interlace video is actually part of the 1080i and 480i resolutions at 29.97 fps.
The Roku TV I have doesn’t have a way to control motion like some tv’s do.
This more of a pet peeve, but the lack of smoothness on live programming is hard to watch.