Live TV Error: Weak Signal (but recording works fine)

I have yet to be able to watch live tv due to this error. Recording is fine. I can even record a show and watch it as it’s recording as a work around, but it’s not practical for others in the house and is a pain to manage hard drive space this way.
Thanks for any suggestions

What playback device?

Same result both through Roku & iOS on iphone 6

I had an issue where all of a sudden playback of a single channel was pixelated/audio would skip. This behavior was not as apparent on recordings (barely happened at all when I watched recorded shows and when it did it was not the same time as it was happening live if I was viewing at the same time). Turns out after ruling out a bunch of other potential problems (signal, antenna, tuners, station broadcast) that the timing lined up with my update to 2.2.12. They pushed me back to 2.2.10 today, issue is gone. Perhaps this could be your issue as well if you started seeing this a little over a month ago?

@nafscub Try removing your drive, then rebooting the Tablo. Can you stream live TV without the drive attached? If you can, reattach the drive - do you have the same issue? Or does this solve it?

I have this same issue … I’m not able to watch live tv in one specific channel (NBC) but if I schedule a recording in that channel it record without problem snd playback is perfect

Any ideas why I can’t watch live tv but recording works good ?