Live Tablo keeps buffering

We have a 4 tuner tablo connected to wireless router via ethernet. Recorded shows play OK on wireless Roku 3 but live TV keeps endlessly buffering. Any thoughts? thank you. RBG

Do you have Enable fast Live TV startup checked in settings?? Try turning it off if so

Does it endlessly buffer but continue to play the show? Or does it get stuck in an endless loop of the same video and keep repeating it?

Thank you everybody. Turned off “enable fast tv startup” and it seems to be working fine. YEAH!!!

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Good to know that fixed the problem, but it does not seem obvious. What does the fast tv startup do exactly? It sounds on the surface like a very good option. We all want things to start fast! :wink:

Here is what TabloTv says about that setting (back on May 5) Enable Fast Live TV - #12 by ncwaterman

Fast startup changes the length of the first few segments fed into the video stream. In ‘Fast Startup’ there are two ‘short’ segments followed by two ‘regular’ length segments. When it’s disabled you get four regular length segments.

Some network setups can handle the shorter segments and some cannot which is why we added the checkbox. If it works for you, great, if not it’s likely caused by slower network speeds or other networking issues and not the Tablo software itself.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but better than starting a new one. I have unchecked then"enable fast start-up" and set recording quality to Tablo’s recommended 720p 3mbps and I am still having major buffering problems. I also have the Tablo plugged directly into an airport express with an Ethernet cable. Is there something I’m missing or is it time for me to give up? It’s becoming way too frustrating for me to continue to use this in its current state. Thanks.

If you’re using wireless-n, try wireless-g.
Wireless-g goes threw walls and floors more easily than wireless-n.

My mom’s Tablo uses wireless-g from a 2nd floor bedroom where the antenna is located.
Her wireless router is in her kitchen on the 1st floor.
Her Roku uses wireless-g in the living room.
Having both Tablo, and a Roku use wireless is not optimal, but Live TV works great for her.
Her Tablo’s maximum recording quality setting is HD 720 - 5 Mbps.

I use 2.4Ghz “g” as well with Roku on WiFi and Tablo at 720/5. My Tablo is wired. No big buffering problems.