Live Guide jumps to Home

In the last day or so I’ve noticed that when I go into watch something on the live guide and then try to back out to continue scrolling it seems to reload jump all the way out to the main menu and you have to scroll across and all the way down the live guide to get back to the channel. This is something that wasn’t happening only a day or two ago. Anyone else having this issue?

This is now happening on fireTV.

Is this as far as your Firestick will go?

@269587 - No it goes to here and then jumps to the main menu and then you have to scroll to live guide and back down the guide to the channel you were watching. I’m going to clear the cache, restart the fireTV and restart the app and see what happens.

If it doesn’t work, let me know if this is happening on every channel or only certain ones.

After resetting cache and restarting my fireTV and the app, everything is back to normal. Probably was just a quirk that happened and needed a reset. Thanks for asking.

Awesome. Everything seems to have needed a cache clear and reboot today… Some things still aren’t working right!