Live football cuts in and out but commercials are perfect

Watching live football via logging into the web on my laptop. Live football cuts in and out but commercials are perfect! It is rediculous! Why is it that football cuts out for about 2 seconds every 5 to 8 seconds but all the commercials are spot on perfect! So annoying…what gives with this?!

Certainly sounds like a local TV Network related issue and not a Tablo issue.

Can you explain your how you come to that conclusion?

If it was a Tablo issue wouldn’t you think it would encounter issues during the commercials as well and not be isolated to just the programming?

I don’t really know, that is why I asked. Since nobody could provide any logical explanation, I will leave you with my only possible thoughts.
Either ommercials were encoded differently than show content and thus Tablo can decode commercials easier…or…broadcasters turn up the signal power for commercials thus Tablo has less trouble with commercials. But that’s all I got as a possible explanation…I was really hoping someone that knows how this domain works could provide some insight.

Both of your comments suggest the broadcaster is doing something - the tablo is functioning as otherwise expected under normal circumstances.

Maybe you need expressed permission to record NFL, so it is “messed up” :wink:

Been away for a few days, others have nailed the idea. If it was the Tablo the commercials wouldn’t record correctly. It’s possible I guess that he networks are transmitting the game differently then they do the commercials. Either way it still points to the network being the issue.

I had a somewhat similar experience with viewing football but the problem only came on in the last 3 or 4 months. I had a normal operation for over a year.

I removed the power to my FireTV stick for about 30 seconds and then powered it back up. That seemed to restore operation back to normal for a week or two.

It doesn’t make sense that this problem only occurs with football programs.

I will be replacing my FireTV stick with a Roku Ultra. The FireTV stick seems to phone home just a little too much to suit me. If they want to track my viewing habits then they should pay me!