Listings won't fully load

I have two issues with my Tablo that are driving me crazy. One I can tolerate, the other makes it unusable.

Every morning, unless I’ve left the Tablo app open on my Roku, I have to reboot the Tablo because it can’t find the last device it was connected to. It thinks it’s looking for a quad but I have a two tuner. Reboot solves the problem for the day, it seems. Unable to determine if it’s the app or the Tablo.

Suddenly, the listings will not load fully. Some load but most do not and it apparently doesn’t try to load the rest. At ine time the listings loaded quickly but for the last month they have been loading very slowly, then not at all.

I recentlybupdated the Tablo software. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it but can’t find a way to diagnose it further. At the moment my only option was to remove the Tablo from the system and connect directly.

Does it store the listings on the hard drive? Possibly thst is the fault but can’t obtain access to format or disgnose it.