List recordings in useful way and go back 5 seconds

Who wants to start a gofundme to buy him/her a new Tablo QUAD so with 6 tuners they won’t have any recording conflicts?

I’ll donate $0.01 CDN.

do you know what “de facto” means?

Or is this just more of what I described about the fanbois?

Sure, but even unofficial standards are mentioned by more than just a single preacher… unless you are the de facto governing DVR standards body?:smiley:.

Me? Seriously!?

@djk44883 @adam1991 @theuser86 @Radojevic @yardbird

Please look at your posts and delete them if they have nothing to do with the original post subject.

This forum could be a great source of info for Tablo and for the users. Instead, thanks to your bickering, has become a useless mound of display of machismo.

I was just trying to be constructive addressing one specific topic (well, two) related to Tablo.

Please stop burying Tablo related posts under your personal feuds.


Well said.

ok… but wait, I need topic parity. First topic I posted went off topic and had a bit of nonsense in it. It needs equally cleaned up.

I realize everyone’s request is as important as anyone’s - from an outside perspective it may appear like you are claiming this is more important than others. For example, me suggesting Start/End Time - Conflict Resolution… there’s a bit of fun, then Zip basically tells me it’s nothing new, and implies people keep coming along and suggesting the same stuff. Now is this more important? Do I need to insist my suggestion topic get cleaned up?

Of course, some may see this as a request for special treatment aka high-maintenance. If this is the unlikely case… I’ll see what I can do.


if you call me a doo-doo head - I have little to no defense.