List Of Scheduled Shows Incorrect on Roku 3 (but not NP or Web)

Has anyone noticed that the list of scheduled shows on the Roku 3 is incorrect (too few entries) compared to the correct listing on the Nexus Player or in the Web interface?

I have tried the obvious resetting of the Roku 3, resetting the Tablo (4 Tuner), deleting the Tablo channel on the Roku 3 and adding it back in. No luck. This isn’t even a big deal to me because I always use the Web interface to schedule programs, we use the Roku 3 interface for playback of recordings only. So this issue could have been present for some time and we wouldn’t have noticed it.

I am running the following:

Tablo - 2.2.8 Firmware
Roku 3 - 7.1.0 Build 4062

Has anyone run in to this issue?

I believe, unlike the phone or web application, the Roku only shows the upcoming scheduled shows that are going to record in the next two weeks (or the length of the guide). The Roku app does not show everything that you have scheduled. Some scheduled shows may not have an episode until next fall (new season). No reason to show them in the schedule on the Roku since they will not record in the next two weeks.

bgoolsby - thanks for pointing this out. As I mentioned, I only use the Web app to schedule shows, so I had the Roku for 16 months and never noticed this difference! I am going to have to start paying more attention. Compared to the Web app, I just find the Roku app to be too clunky, and I am very impatient!