Lip Sync

I have noticed the lip sync off in Table.  It would be nice to be able to slip audio to video.  I liked this feature in WD TV, allowing to advance or retard the audio to get it in sync with picture

Is this with all your recordings? Or only from a certain channel?

Varies - some are okay - some are sometimes 2 to 4 frames out.  Also on encoded programs from the internet - the authoring might be a tad off.  It would be a handy feature for when things do go off sync.

I’m confused. The Tablo does not have any content directly from the internet. It is all recorded from OTA antenna.

Which device are you using go playback the Tablo content?

@editphil Interesting. Is the reception solid on the channels with this problem - and does it seem to vary by recording, or are all of the channels giving you the same result?