Line of static at bottom of screen

A few days ago my Tablo started adding a line of static at the bottom of my screen.

When I first turn on a channel, the bottom ribbon shows the progress bar. When that bar goes away, I noticed it was showing a ‘ghost image’ where the bar was of a previous channel. I am not sure if it is blocking out a portion of the channel I am watching, or just shifting the image up a bit.

So I restarted my Tablo. The issue still exists, but now when the progress bar goes away instead of showing a ghost image, a line of ‘static’ remains at the bottom of the screen. this issue remains on all channels.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

Are you sure it’s the Tablo and not your streaming box or app? Does the same thing happen with different streaming clients? What streaming clients are you using?

@TheStrohl Some good questions from @FlyingDiver; one more: is this happening at home, or are you viewing the video remotely?

both home and away. Was working fine Sunday night, but when I logged back on Sunday evening this started appearing.

In home - on my ipad and iphone (did not check my fire box which was working find during the early evening),

away - on my iphone and firestick.

I don’t use the remote viewing capability (currently), so I never remember to ask that question. :wink:

I see this on some channels too, i figured it was just old programming with noise not covered by the overscan

This problem occurs remotely on all channels on both Fire Stick and Xi Box but disappears if I drastically reduce remote streaming speed. Of course, image quality is drastically reduced as well. The problem began after one of the Tablo firmware updates.

Same issue streaming remotely with both the ipad and kindle fire stick but only on 3mbps and 4 mbps. Not an issue at full quality or 2mbps or below. @TabloSupport