Limiting live tv recording

Is there a way to limit the recoding time on live tv. For example, I like to watch the weather from the early local news, so on my Xfinity dvr I put on that channel before I turn off the tv, if I tune in a little late I can just back up to it. On the Tablo it seems to keep recording all night, wasting space on the hard drive. I’d really like it just to keep an hour or so back.

Nope if there is space on the HDD, it just keeps on going. When you exit the stream it keeps going for an hour and then it will erase it. And you get all the space back.

That’s a bit of a bummer. I guess if you forget to stop your live stream and then don’t think about it for a few days, it’ll erase anything you have saved that’s not protected. Seems that would be a simple button to add Tablo.

I don’t think a live TV buffer trumps recorded programs. It won’t automatically erase unprotected recordings to make more space for the live TV buffer.

Maybe not, but it’ll use all available space and then any new recordings will erase unprotected stuff.

It’d take forever to fill the forever, approximately 445 hours for a 2 TB drive.

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@Captboo - Tablo only keeps a 1 hour moving window of ‘buffer’ on the hard drive which is discarded when the stream stops so it won’t fill up your drive.

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Manual recording

I have wondered about a solution for this. In the morning we will turn on the news for a few minutes while getting ready. But with the amount of time it takes to load up the Tablo app and then activate a tuner, it can take 2-3 minutes to sometimes get to live TV. Being half asleep doesn’t help.

Would it be possible to active a tuner and have it up and running but not recording? That would really speed up the process and during a time where I may only have the TV on for 5-10 minutes it would feel a lot like the standard turn on the TV and watch.

Just a thought.

Hook an antenna directly to TV. Either split the one connected to Tablo or get a separate one.

I must be doing something wrong then. I left it streaming last night and this morning live tv had recorded almost 16 hours. How do you turn on the 1 hour record?

The 1 hour Live TV cutoff occurs when you are not actively using the Live TV channel stream.
For example, you start watching iZombie, and remember you forgot to get milk at the store.
You exit out of your Tablo app, and get the milk.
1 hour later, the Live TV channel stream for iZombie is no longer being recorded.

Actually it cuts off after 2 minutes if you’re not actively watching the live stream.

@Captboo - I’m not sure what you mean by it recorded 16 hours of TV. The only way this would happen is if you set a manual recording for the entire time.

Works like this.
Start watching a channel, and don’t exit out of the Tablo app.
16 hours later, you have 16 hours of rewinding you can do on that channel.

@Radojevic - As per my post above, you should not be able to rewind more than an hour past your current spot.

I just tuned in a Live TV channel, and watch for a minute.
Then exited viewing that channel, which brought me to the guide display.
Waited 14 minutes.
Went back to the original Live TV channel, and had 14 minutes I could view.

Not true, if you follow my steps.
I have personally had 10 hours of Live TV I could rewind to the beginning.
The 16 hours example was from another user.

@Radojevic So I consulted with the engineering team. The tuner indicator (ie red blinking) discontinues after 2 minutes but the moving window continues for 1 hour.

While the player may show the full timeline of live play, you can still only skip back 1 hour.

TabloTV. You are right. I did not try to rewind the 16 hours this morning, just saw that number on the timeline. I just got back to the tv and had 3 hours on my timeline. When I rewound, it only went back an hour. So my original query on this thread has been answered. Thanks.

On to the suggestion box. I’d like to see the timeline only show what’s available to me, not how long I have that channel on. I’d like the timeline on live tv recording show time of day so I can easily find the start of the show. And I’d really like to see video while rewinding and fast forwarding so I know when the commercials I’m skipping come to an end.

Surely if Comcast can do it, your team of crack engineers can rise to the challenge.

So I’m new to the box and old, so it may take me a while to adjust, but so far I’m happy with it and my decision to cut the cord with Tablo. Thanks

Also the guide on my Roku is an hour off. It’s right on Apple TV and the iPad app.