Limit to the number of Rokus that can connect to Tablo?

I have a total of 4 Rokus and I can only get three of them to connect to my Tablo.  Is there a limit to the number that can connect to a single two-tuner tablo?

Thanks!  I'm loving my Tablo so far!


I had a strange problem with my new streaming stick not being able to pick up my 2.4 network when my other adjacent roku (Separate sides of the same wall) was plugged in.

I’m curious about the answer to this though because it could influence my future setup.

@clycke - There isn’t a limit that I know of. We’ll look into this. 

That being said, if you do have a streaming stick, we’ve found that the WiFi antennas on them are a bit dicey, even with an extender.