Light TV problem

Anyone that receives LIGHT TV having problems today? Mine is froze on a program from this morning instead of showing Heartland.

@TabloTV the guide is FINALLY there.

Light TV is OK in Dallas right now. Heartland is playing.

All the channel 19 in Austin, TX are off the air this morning…hopefully fixing the problem.

Fixed all but LIGHT TV yesterday, and LIGHTTV is back today i recorded Back to Green Acrrs movie.

Hi my name is Heather. I have antenna TV. And I get a light TV. But the problem is it is blank. I have reskin my TV and I have moved around my antennas still nothing still blank. I have tried everything and still can’t receive light TV. I live here in Roanoke Texas 76262. Just trying to find out if there’s a problem with the program. Please help me thanks :blush:

I have problems with it too sometimes in Austin, TX. They do stream from but yes I know you can’t record. I have a Chromecast with GoogleTV and cast it to tv.

Green Acres, my all time favorite!!!

Great, now I have that song stuck in my head again.

This may explain…