Lifetime tied to My account

I just got a quad, so far so good. I also have a two tuner model, does lifetime cover both on my account? Sorry but I only came back to Tablo and wondered if that had changed.

They did change it to one transferrable subscription per one Tablo but they grandfathered those who already purchased a lifetime subscription before that change. Since it’s been a while I assume your subscription is grandfathered to have multiple Tablos tied to one subscription. You’ll need to contact support to add your new Quad but I hear that is very painless.

Thanks for quick answer. If anyone has any Quad questions, just let me know, been using it for about a week.

It may be sematics, but the grandfather clause affects all account types before the cut-off date.

I haven’t had any heat issues, But I ordered adhesive feet off Amazon to raise my quad up some and let air circulate a bit better.
Thought I would share. Hope that’s ok.

Doesn’t the drive deserve some attention as well? hot/warm, concealed area, consider them a set.

Maybe so. Thanks

USB powered laptop cooling pad / fan will cool everything nicely.

The Quad is not nearly as warm as the two tuner I have, it’s just warm to the touch, not burning hot like the older one.

My Quad with internal SSD is burning to the touch. An underneath cooler takes care of it perfectly for me. So far I really like the quad. Experienced a one day Internet outage and was still able to watch television on all devices on the internal network.