Lifetime Subscription Purchase Days AFTER Initial Subscription Ends?

I’ve just purchased a Tablo unit and am currently enjoying the ubiquitous 30-day free subscription. AFTER that free subscription ends around Christmas, I’d like use the pared-down version for a week or two to see if it works well enough (I have 3 stand-alone DVRs which I use for manual recording so I’m used to it).

Is there any reason I need to purchase, e.g., the $150 lifetime subscription DURING my free trial period, or can I do it anytime AFTER the free trial period is over? Thank you. - Mike

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Absolutely! You can even go monthly for a couple just to make sure… then dive in for life if that’s what you decide.

There have been a few users making a mistake, thinking this was a lifetime commitment too early. You can change monthly, yearly - lifetime (of the service) at will.

Great - that’s what I thought. I just didn’t want to let my free subscription lapse and find myself unable to re-initiate it later. Thank you very much.

not sure about your terminology - after 30 days, free subscriptions expires aka lapse and there is no more free subscription to re-initiate.

If you pay for a subscription, it doesn’t start until after the 30 days - regardless of when you paid.

Monthly and annual subscriptions will only be billed the day after your 30-day free trial ends.


Here’s the overly specifics…

The only downside of letting your subscription expire is that all of your scheduled recordings will disappear, assuming you have recordings scheduled. Also, if you are using Tablo Connect, it will only work with a valid subscription. As @djk44883 stated, you can start a new subscription at anytime, monthly, yearly or lifetime, it makes no difference.


Great info, 3dRock. Admittedly, now that I’ve used it for even these past few days only, I think it would be a less than stellar experience without the robust guide info, ability for 1-touch recording, and the (very handy when traveling) remote viewing to name a few. The lifetime subscription is a spectacular value so I’m sure I’ll just go ahead and opt for that before my 30-day trial ends (to avoid any disruption of scheduled recordings), not look back and be happy.

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I’m glad you mentioned this detail. I had the exact same question as @DroMike since I just received and connected my Tablo Dual 64GB DVR today.

Thank you.

Ok, you need to purchase “a subscription” before the trial expires. There really is no different “types” of subscriptions, just the billing, which can be swapped around. (But once you buy a lifetime it’s probably a pain to chance to monthly :slight_smile: )

A subscription is a subscription. Again, if you only think it might work, consider $5 for another month then confirm and jump in.

The cool thing is that when you renew your subscription all of your series recording schedules will be re-instated, as long as those series are still airing.

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