Lifetime Subscription and multiple tablos

I bought a lifetime Subscription for my Tablo but now am looking to put another tablo up at the family cottage. Since the Tablos will be in different zip codes and on different Networks,will my Lifetime subscription work on the new device or do I have to buy another one? I realize I will need another Hard drive and antenna on the new Device, Thanks

It’s linked to the user not the Tablo like Tivo is :wink:


I am not positive, but it is my understanding that the subscription is for your account and you can have as many Tablos on your account for the same lifetime or yearly fee. However, I would submit this question to Tablo tomorrow and get a certain answer from them.

@Jestep, So as long as I log in with my account when I set it up, my subscription will work at both places. Obviously I won’t be able to watch my home recordings on the cabin Tablo and vice versa but that is ok with me. Don’t want to watch too much TV at the Cabin anyways, but it’s definetely nice at night and on rainy days

Correct. And you can watch if you are setup with Tablo Connect, but it has to be setup on each device currently. There have been many requests to change that :wink:

Ya I have Tablo Connect setup on my home device and it works well in town but internet it sketchy at the cabin so I figure it should be good enough to get the guide updates but watching via tablo connect would be a pain and probably have issues. Otherwise if I had good internet I wouldn’t even need the 2nd box

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As long as you use the same email address, it will work

Not as many, max 10 units per account

So if you had 10 4 tuners that would be only 40 shows :stuck_out_tongue:

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@crm1975 Just log on to your account and add the serial number for the 2nd Tablo. It doesn’t matter what zip code you use at all.

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Tahanks to all! This was my question as well. I may co-locate my tuners.